Wednesday, March 23, 2011

ELIZABETH TAYLOR. February 27 1932-March 23 2011

Since her death, hundreds of thousands of words have already been published around the world about Elizabeth Taylor and I don't intend to add to them. But on the basis that one picture is worth at least a  thousand words, here is---to my knowledge--- a previously unpublished picture of the Oscar and Golden Globe-winning actress which my friend photographer Theo Kingma found somewhere in the archives.

FOOTNOTE: In 2001 when Elizabeth Taylor was announcing the best motion picture winner at the Golden Globe awards she inadvertently started to announce the winner before even listing the nominees.

Always possessing a quick wit, when the show's producer, Dick Clark, frantically called to her from offstage during the live telecast alerting her to the gaffe, she calmly smiled and said: "Oh, I guess I'm more used to receiving awards rather than giving them."

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