Friday, April 22, 2011


With flowers and a surfboard.....
......into the water
To surfers up and down California's Central Coast, Marilyn was their surrogate mom. She would drive them to surfing contests, feed them, care for them and was always there to celebrate their triumphs and sympathise with their disappointments. 

When Marilyn died of cancer recently it was as if they had all lost a mother.

  So, on a recent chilly Thursday morning they paid their tributes to her at an unusual but sincere surfing memorial ceremony in the tiny beach town of Cayucos. 

  More than a dozen surfers, led by Marilyn's son Christian, who had flown in from Hawaii for the event, jumped 30 feet into the sea from the rickety Cayucos pier, clutching their surfboards and bunches of flowers.

  Forming a circle in the water they said a prayer for Marilyn while onlookers clapped and threw more flowers. 

  Marilyn's daughter-in-law Nikki, who, with her husband had grown up on the Central Coast before moving to the Big Island, handed out flowers and took photographs of the ceremony-in-the-sea.

 She and Christian will be returning next month for a more formal memorial service to be held in Santa Barbara, which more than 300 surfers are expected to attend.
Surfers' tribute

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