Monday, April 25, 2011


Despite all the millions of words and many hours of television time devoted to the upcoming Royal wedding, very little has been said about Kate Middleton's Uncle Gary, who seems to fill the role of the family Black Sheep.

Gary Goldsmith, Kate's mother's brother, a tattooed computer millionaire, until recently lived a hedonistic bachelor's life with his lap-dancing girlfriend in a mansion called Casa Bang Bang on the island of Ibiza where he was filmed giving an undercover investigator cocaine and offering to set him up with prostitutes.

Insiders say the Middleton family were conflicted about whether to invite him to the wedding or not and decided that he could go the ceremony at Westminster Abbey but not to the Queen's afternoon reception and Prince Charles's nighttime party.  Then someone realised that the prospect of Uncle Gary heading for a London pub after the ceremony and holding forth about the family wedding was a recipe for disaster. So now, having agreed to drop his girlfriend and clean up his act, he will be attending every wedding event. 

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  1. Think the old adage applies here: keep your friends close but your enemies closer. Family - who needs them? The phrase 'loose cannon' comes to mind. Hope the Palace has contingency plans because the UK press will find him - no doubt about it.



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