Wednesday, May 18, 2011


Remember Queen? Whether you do or you don't you'll soon be hearing plenty of them now the band's 40th anniversary is upon us. "2011 is an important year for Queen," says Brian May, "and there will be a lot of activity." The yearlong event will be marked by a series of releases, re-releases, special limited-edition items etc. etc. etc.... .
Cohen as Mercury (left) and Borat
In addition there is a film biography of Queen singer Freddie Mercury in the works, with Sacha Baron Cohen playing the flamboyant and outrageous Mercury. 
Queen officially began in March 1971 when bassist John Deacon joined Brian May and Roger Taylor's London band, which had changed its name from Smile to Queen nine months earlier, following the addition of Freddie Mercury to the lineup.
Queen has sold more than 300 million albums worldwide and in the U.K. Queen's Greatest Hits 1 holds the record of being the biggest selling album of all time.
 So, get ready for Queen....and more Queen.

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