Sunday, June 12, 2011


Slutwalk participants '

Women wearing stockings and bras and carrying banners with the words  "Slut" and "Cleavage is not Consent" were among 5,000 people who took part in the UK's latest Slutwalk in London.  
  The protest movement was sparked by a Canadian policeman who advised students to "avoid dressing like sluts" to avoid being victimised.
  Since then, thousands of people worldwide have taken to the streets to highlight a culture in which they say the victim, rather than the abuser, is blamed.
  Whether wearing four-inch heels with "slut" painted on their chests, or jeans and trainers, the marchers were united in their message, reports the BBC.
  Chants of "blame the rapist not the victim, doesn't matter what I'm dressed in" rang out above the roar of traffic.
  "Our culture needs to change --it needs to teach people not to rape, not how not to be raped," says 21-year-old student Rhiannon Frame.
   Some marchers said they knew victims of sex assaults, while others had experienced casual abuse from men who assumed their outfits made them fair game.   "If you go to a club you can be grabbed on the behind three times in an evening by a bloke who thinks it's ok because you're wearing a short skirt. There's an assumption it's flattering," Sophie Durham, 23, said.
  Some said women experience double standards in which they are under pressure to look sexy, but are also expected to live chaste lives.   "There's a culture in which women are expected to put out but if they do, they're sluts. Women call other women sluts," Philippa Dunjay, 23 said.

Lauren Harper, George Legg, Rhiannon Frame George Legg (centre) was one of many men who walked in solidarity with female friends. Photo: BBC

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