Tuesday, July 12, 2011


 It doesn't take much to spur a dedicated Royal watcher like the L.A. Times's Patt Morrison into outraged literary action. 
 In her blog Morrison castigates the actress Zooey Deschanel for a remark she made while attending the
BAFTA gala for the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge in downtown Los Angeles.
Zooey Deschanel worried that the neighborhood around the  restored Belasco Theatre might look shabby to the regal couple. "I just don't want them to see the worst of L.A.," said Deschanel.
Writes an angry Morrison: "I can't believe Zooey Deschanel is really the snobby cow she came off sounding like Saturday evening.
Excuse me? Downtown, the worst of L.A.?
What, Ms. Deschanel, you don’t have any homeless people there near your Westside home? Or does that not count, because they’re on the beach, not the sidewalks?"
[ As it turns out, Zooey Deschanel doesn't live on the Westside.]
"Of course there are thousands of down-and-out folks in downtown L.A. I cannot apologize enough to Ms. Deschanel that in some places, the sidewalks do not smell like Jo Malone candles. There are also million-dollar lofts downtown -- like the ones in the Eastern Columbia building, not far from the Belasco theatre. There is the venerable Grand Central Market, the spectacular Central Library, the Oviatt Building, the jewelry district and the fashion district and MOCA. The royals might have marveled, "Oooh, what’s that?" as they helicoptered into downtown above the splendid Disney Concert Hall.
Beyond the polo and the Hollywood glam events in California, in their less than 48-hours here, the royals may have seen more of "real L.A." than many Angelenos have. Just as William’s aunt, Princess Anne, the princess royal, visited Para Los Ninos on Skid Row a generation ago, and put that program on the map, the Cambridges went to an inner-city arts school downtown and to a jobs program for unemployed veterans on the Sony studios lot.
This was a working trip for William and Kate; it was, in the main, about good deeds, not good times."
That's telling Zooey!

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