Wednesday, July 13, 2011


Moralising poster boy: Steve Coogan has become a spokesman against the phone hacking scandal Steve Coogan has joined Hugh Grant in attacking the British tabloid press and rejoicing in the demise of Rupert Murdoch's News Of the World.      
  "People keep saying it is a very bad day for the press,’ said Coogan. ‘But it is a wonderful day for the press; a small victory for decency and humanity.
  "People talk as if they have fallen below their usual high standards. They were already in the gutter, it is just that they have sunk lower than anyone thought they could."
  The hacking of his phone aside, Coogan has more reason than many to feel relief at the demise of the News of the World – as his own tangled love life, penchant for lap-dancers and taste for Class A drugs have led to him featuring in its pages on many occasions.
  However, the sanctimonious Coogan would do well to remember where the majority of his income is from.
 Keen to carve out a career for himself in movies, two of Coogan’s biggest film successes to date have been in Night At The Museum and its sequel. Both have contributed handsomely to his estimated £10million fortune. 
  Yet both, bizarrely for a man on such a mission, were produced by the Rupert Murdoch-owned Twentieth Century Fox.

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