Tuesday, August 23, 2011


The Great House on Necker Island in flames
A romantic getaway for Kate Winslet and her boyfriend Louis Dowler to Richard Branson's private Necker Island ended in danger and drama when the house where they were staying was hit by lightning and burst into flames. 
Kate and her boyfriend plus her two children Sam and Mia were among the 20 people staying in the property. All escaped unharmed.

The Hollywood actress turned real-life heroine during the ordeal by scooping up Sir Richard's 90-year-old mother into her arms and carrying her outside to safety.

Speaking about Kate's commendable actions, the Virgin Tycoon told
ITN news: "It was she who carried my mother out of the house. She was great. She swept her up into her arms and got them out of the house as fast as possible."

"She said it was like being on a film set where you’re waiting for the words 'cut' but they just don’t come. So it was quite surreal for her to be in a real-life situation."

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