Friday, October 7, 2011

Naked Marilyn Monroe picture expected to sell for thousands

This photograph of a naked Marilyn Monroe that launched the icon on her road to fame is to go under the hammer at auction.  

Taken in 1949 when Monroe was a jobless model, the picture shows her lying on a red, velvet cloth. She was paid 50 dollars by photographer Tom Kelley for the shoot and it was used in several calendars. 

Monroe used the money to put down an installment on a car, presumably so she could drive around Hollywood searching for work. 

Four years later when Monroe had become famous the photograph was used in the first ever edition of Playboy magazine. Kelley later printed a number of large copies of the image that show the star with long, strawberry blonde hair. 

And it is one of these that is being sold and is expected to sell for several thousands pounds.

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