Tuesday, April 3, 2012


  Hollywood is rolling back the clock in the questionable hope that stars who meant something in the 1980s will bring new, young audiences flocking to the theaters.
  Aging actors like Bruce Willis, Chevy Chase, Billy Crystal, Sylvester Stallone and even Arnold Schwarzenegger are being dusted off and given starring roles in updated versions of past hits. 
Bruce Willis then....
  Willis, 57, who made his first Die Hard movie 25 years ago is preparing for Die Hard 5 while Chevy Chase, 68, is returning as the bumbling traveler Clark Griswold in an updated version of 1983's Vacation. 
  Billy Crystal, 64, has been given his first leading man role in a decade opposite 66-year-old Bette Midler in Parental Guidance, due for release in November. 

......and now
Chevy Chase
  Schwarzenegger, 64, whose comeback hit a snag when his marriage to Maria Shriver broke up amid revelations about a long-running affair with a housekeeper, is now set for a cameo appearance with Stallone in The Expendables 2 and has more substantial roles in The Last Stand, Unknown Soldier and (again with Stallone) in The Tomb, which are all set for release next year. 
Billy Crystal
  Tom Pollock, who was chairman of Universal Pictures in 1987, got it right when, asked for his thoughts, he trotted out the old cliche, "There's nothing new under the sun."  

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