Thursday, April 19, 2012


     The British actress Emily Blunt has lived in Los Angeles for three years, is married to an American and appears in mainly American-produced movies. Yet, she confessed when we met up recently, she still misses London a lot.
   “I miss afternoons in the pub and the sense of humour and irreverence,” she told me. “There’s a spirit to Londoners and Brits that I love, so I have a few British friends in L.A that I cling to.”
   Emily, 30, gets back to London whenever she can but she hasn’t had much time recently because work has been keeping her busy. Salmon Fishing in the Yemen, in which she stars with Ewan MacGregor, was released two months ago, she has a new film, The Five Year Engagement, coming out next month and two others, Looper and Your Sister’s Sister awaiting release.
    Although she has frequently played Americans in movies, she finds that off-screen the American pronunciations of certain words                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     sometimes still trip her up. “In a restaurant if I ask for water they never understand me and I have to say ‘warder,’ she giggles. “Then if they ask me would I like some ‘warder’ and I say ‘go on, then,” they think I’m being rude and want them to go away.”


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