Friday, April 6, 2012


  A survey has come up with a list of detailed attributes which women say make the perfect man. 

Hot wheels: Driving an Audi was said to contribute to women's notion that a man was 'perfect', according to the study
Audi driver
  According to the list, the perfect man eats meat, drives an Audi and phones his mother twice a week.
He also drinks lager or beer, not wine or spirits, will be 6ft tall, have short dark hair and a smart dress sense.
  Vegetarians were revealed to be a turn off, while being clean shaven and in possession of a smooth, hair-free chest were said to be a bonus.
 The findings surfaced in a poll of 2,000 women carried out by clothing brand Austin Reed.
 Fifteen per cent said they would insist on a suitor having at least a master’s degree or a PHD but 70 per cent said they would prefer to date a man who earned more than them.


Six feet tall
Muscly, toned and athletic     
Brown eyes
Short dark hair
Smart dress sense
A beer / lager drinker
Non smoker
Wears smart jeans, shirt and a
V-neck jumper
Gets ready in 17 minutes
Wants a family
Loves shopping
Eats meat
Clean shaven
Smooth chest
Watches soaps
Enjoys watching football
Drives an Audi
Educated to degree level
Earns more than you
Jokes around and has a laugh
Sensitive when you are upset
Tells you he loves you only when he means it
Admits it when he looks at other women
Holds a driving licence
Can swim
Can ride a bike
Can change a tyre
Rings mum regularly
The poll also revealed girls don’t like their other half to be too ‘deep’ with 43 per cent preferring their chap to joke around and have a laugh rather than enjoy in-depth conversations.
Although 86 per cent of girls want a man who is sensitive, 64 per cent only want him to say ‘I love you’ when he really means it.
The poll found 39 per cent of women would want her man to love shopping, but a third said they would like a man to leave the shopping side of things to her.
 Surprisingly, women would rather her ideal man enjoy watching sport at the pub than watch soap operas and reality TV shows with them and two-thirds would rather Mr Perfect admitted it when he is eyeing up other girls, rather than trying to cover it up.
 Other ‘must haves’ were that the ideal man should hold a driving license, must be able to swim and be able to ride a bike.
  And girls like a handy man - the poll found that he should be able to change a car tyre, be able to knock down a door in an emergency and competently rewire a plug.
  But it’s not all about being a macho man - Mr Right also has to phone his mother regularly and cry during films.
 A spokesman for Austin Reed added: 'Women certainly know what they want when it comes to that dream man.
 "Some of the criteria in the list is pretty superficial and it doesn’t really matter if every man doesn’t tick all the boxes."
  Me? As a 6ft-plus, Audi-driving, non-smoking, football-watching, beer drinker who can ride a bike I suppose I tick a few of the boxes. But perfection? That's a long way off!

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  1. How old were the 2000 women polled I wonder? The perfect man is about as elusive as the perfect woman :) But love the skeleton on the bench comic pic.



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