Clare Lomas finishes the London marathon
A paralysed woman wearing a bionic suit has finished the London marathon----16 days after she started.

 Claire Lomas, from Eye Kettleby, in central England, was paralysed from the chest down after  a horse riding accident in 2007.
 Wearing a £43,000 ReWalk suit, she walked about two miles day and raised more than £85,000 for Spinal Research. Designed by Israeli entrepreneur Amit Goffer, the bionic suit enables people with lower-limb paralysis to stand, walk and climb stairs through motion sensors and an onboard computer system.

   Hundreds of people lined the streets and three mounted members of the Household Cavalry gave the 32-year-old a guard of honour as she finished the course on The Mall in central London.
  Organisers of the marathon told Lomas she could not receive a medal for completing the route because competitors must complete the course on day the race is held.

  But a dozen other runners gave her their own medals in recognition of her achievement and Virgin boss Sir Richard Branson, whose company sponsors the London Marathon, stepped in to award Lomas the Virgin Trophy for 2012. "We treasure amazing acts of bravery," Branson said.