Monday, May 28, 2012


Flop: Engelbert Humperdinck did not find favour on Eurovision
Flop: Engelbert Humperdinck did not find favour on Eurovision

   Just arrived in London to find the whole country in mourning (well, a bit of an exaggeration; possibly a few newspaper columnists with nothing else to write about) over Engelbert Humperdinck's failure to bring home the Eurovision Song Contest trophy to the U.K. 

   The Hump opened the show with Love Will Set You Free but with 25 acts following him, he failed to win over the voters in Europe.He managed to pick up only 12 votes while Loreen, the Swedish winner, took 372, prompting one of the British newspapers to headline the story "Eurotrashed: Engelbert Humperdinck flops as Sweden cruise to song contest win."

   Now some columnists, clearly bad losers, are calling for the U.K. to pull out of the song contest altogether in future. The UK has not managed a win since 1997, when Katrina and the Waves won with Love Shine a Light and, some bemoan, our chances seem less likely with every passing year.
  Possibly the only country to have a worse weekend was Norway, who lost 1-0 to England in a football  friendly and then, a few hours later, finished bottom of the Eurovision contest with seven points.

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  1. He can't help it if he's not blonde or gorgeous. Engelbert is much too talented to be in a cruddy competition like that anyway.