Wednesday, June 20, 2012


Ben Walker as Abraham Lincoln
  It seems that a lot of what we learned in history class wasn't the full story. Who knew, for instance that Abraham Lincoln conducted a secret campaign against the blood sucking undead? At least, that's the premise of Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter, a movie being released this weekend about America's sixteenth president and his mission to destroy vampires.
  And  it's not the first Hollywood recasting of historical figures. Earlier this year The Raven, starring John Cusack and the lovely British actress Alice Eve, offered the supposition that Edgar Allen Poe not only wrote chilling horror stories, but also matched wits with serial killers. 
  And later this year, we’ll see F.D.R: American Badass in which Franklin Roosevelt hunts werewolves, and there’s even talk of a pending movie in which sailor John Paul Jones battles sea monsters.
 What's next? Davy Crockett Battling Bigfoot? Or General Custer: Zombie Killer? The possibilities are endless.  

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