Thursday, July 19, 2012


  Binge-drinking Brits, lured by cheap booze, have invaded the Mediterranean resort of Malia, Crete, where cut price alcohol is one of the grim knock-on effects of the Greek debt crisis.
  The nation that gave the world the Acropolis and democracy is on its knees. And so are many of its tourists after booze prices were slashed to attract custom, according to a British newspaper report.
  With the euro also down against the pound, the result is a field day for Brits looking for cheap drinks in the sun.
The sign “Unlimited alcohol 15 euros” outside the Ice Bar in Malia tell a typical tale.
It is one of many such offers spreading through crisis-hit Greek seaside towns competing to attract young drinkers.
Bars that cannot compete have closed and one owner explained: “We have suffered terribly and have had to slash prices to attract customers.
“This year has been the worst yet. Profits are down 50 per cent. All the Brits come here to get wasted and we need them.
“But they get so drunk it also gives us a bad name. I’m letting in people who are underage because they will buy drinks.”
The tavernas are feeling the crunch because the debt-ridden government has put up taxes and many families running bars are also supporting relatives made jobless by the crisis.
Desperate to steal each other’s customers, they cut prices.
The result is that there are Britons passed out all around Malia’s main strip laying drunk and senseless in the gutters.

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  1. Ugh, there's nothing worse than a bunch of drunken Brits. What a delightful reputation they have. I suppose all that repression has its consequences.
    There will no doubt be a deluge of bushy-eyebrowed babies born in the next year.



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