Monday, July 23, 2012


 Hard to believe Gina Gershon, the sexy, pouty-lipped brunette with the bad-ass attitude has just turned 50!
 Although it was initially her sex appeal that caught the eye of both men and women, particularly in the steamy love scene she shared with Jennifer Tilly in Bound, it was her charisma and talent that propelled her career with roles ranging from Tom Cruise's love interest in Cocktail to Nancy Sinatra in the 1992 biopic Sinatra. 
 Not all of her movies were good but she came through them unscathed. She even managed to make the most of the reviews for the critically panned Showgirls in which she played a seductive Las Vegas showgirl, claiming she played the role "so that drag queens would want to dress as the character on Halloween." 
  I caught up with the never-married Gina at the Four Seasons Hotel where she was just as funny and outrageous while promoting her latest film Killer Joe. 
  In it she appears bottomless which is an on-screen first even for her, although she tells me: "I walk around the house naked a lot. Even when I was in college I had to take my clothes off to write a term paper and when I pack my suitcase I have to have nothing on. It always felt kind of normal. I just have to be obstacle free."

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