Thursday, July 26, 2012


  Victoria Beckham (right) has them, so does Angelina Jolie (left), Katy Perry, Cheryl Cole and even Helen Mirren.
 But tattoos on women are the biggest turn-off for men, according to new research.
Some 37 per cent of men questioned in a new poll about unattractive qualities in the opposite sex listed tattoos as their number one turn-off, with more than three quarters of men (78 per cent) ranking body art among their top five pet hates.
 Women on the other hand are fairly apathetic about tattoos on men, with only 13 per cent of females considering them to be a big passion-killer.
 Instead, beards are what women are least attracted to, with a third of those questioned voting hairy faces into the top spot.
Bad breath came second on the lists of both men and women, with 27 per cent of women and 28 per cent of men identifying halitosis as their number one dating gripe.
  The research was conducted by an electronic cigarette company which questioned 500 people.

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