Wednesday, August 29, 2012


 Not that I need it but Isla Fisher gave me a good tip on how to act as if I'm drunk. (I didn't tell her my problem is trying to act as if I'm sober).
 Isla, the Australian-born actress wife of Sacha Baron Cohen, said she learned it from Kirsten Dunst, with whom she stars in the movie Bachelorette. She used it to good effect in the movie to play a pot-smoking, cocaine-snorting, heavy drinking party girl.
  "You stand on the spot like this," she said, standing on the spot. "Then you spin. Like this." And she spun around. "And then you do it for as long as you can until they say 'action' by which time you're completely disoriented. Then all you have to do is work on your impaired speech.
  "It's a good tip."
   Don't think I'll ever have to use it, but I thanked her anyway.

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  1. Thats pretty funny - maybe you could give her a lesson or two. A