Monday, August 27, 2012


  Everyone with an act, an aspiration for show business fame and a hat to pass round heads to Santa Monica's Third Street Promenade on a weekend night to show off their talents--- or lack of them.    Bulldogs on skateboards, out-of-tune singers, jittery jugglers, dodgy dancers....all get their 15 minutes of fame along the crowded pedestrian street.
   Everyone, that is, except Christophe, who is better known to his fans and followers as the Giant Robot.  
Christophe's talent is to pose for photographs dressed as a Transformer in exchange for a donation. Or he did until he ran afoul of the law.
  The Santa Monica police officer on patrol took exception to Christophe's elaborate costume which the performer made, he proudly told me, out of recycled materials.
  So what was the problem? "He said I was too tall," said Christophe. "Apparently no one over nine feet tall is allowed to perform in the Promenade."
   So when he returns for a repeat performance Christophe will be a somewhat stunted Transformer, having removed a few inches from his elaborately constructed helmet.  

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