Thursday, September 6, 2012


  I meet quite a few actresses in my line of work but I've never met one quite as multi-talented as the gorgeous Olga Segura, a 26-year-old Mexican who co-stars with Sharon Stone in the gritty drama Border Run. Olga plays a pregnant Mexican woman who tries to enter America illegally but loses both her life and her baby in tragic circumstances. 
  She is virtually unrecognisable in the movie and it's a good, attention-getting role for her, but she doesn't really need it. She has a degree in international commerce and a masters degree in project administration from the prestigious ESCP in Paris. The production company she founded, Prodduciones a Ciegas, has produced several films including Cellmates, starring Stacy Keach and Tom Sizemore.
  But her business acumen is vying with her filmmaking talents because the bottled Icelandic water company in which she is a partner is growing in volume and prestige and was recently featured at the Taste of L.A food and drink festival.
 When we talked at the bar of the Thompson Hotel in Beverly Hills after a Border Run screening we exchanged cards and she promised to send me a case of the water. It's a pity she's not involved in a vineyard and wine production but hey! the water will be welcome too. 


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