Thursday, October 11, 2012


Pictures: Theo Kingma

I've seen plenty of movies featuring action and adventure in the 
skies but I found myself caught up in a real-life drama on a flight to London to attend the London film festival.
A few rows behind me an attractive young woman, probably high on drink and/or drugs was getting amorous with a male passenger she clearly took a fancy to. She kissed him, tried to clamber into his seat and refused to return to her own seat when asked to do so. Eventually a male flight attendant forcibly pushed her into her seat but she leaped up and ran after a him. She struck him and when the captain came to take control she struck him too. That was it! A group of flight attendants overpowered her, put her in handcuffs and restrained her in a seat on the last row of the plane.
Then, in what many saw as over-reaction the captain decided to divert back to Chicago where a squad of armed policemen boarded the plane and escorted her, screaming and swearing, off to jail. That should have been that but United in their wisdom and for whatever reason, then decided to cancel the flight, stranding some 200 passengers at 3am.
Definitely a contender for best drama at any film festival. 


  1. What nationality was she? Why do you suppose she was high on alcohol/drugs? What is United going to do to compensate the other passengers? They probably had to divert the flight because you cannot really leave someone attached to a seat in handcuffs for numerous hours! You know, toilet needs, food needs, kissing needs :-*

  2. whooo she looks hot

  3. Yes, she's wearing a very heavy sweater.