Thursday, October 18, 2012


A lucky lad with a bottle of Armageddon
  I've been scouring the pubs of Covent Garden and London's West End on the lookout for a beer called Armageddon. I haven't managed to find it yet which is probably just as well, as it is the strongest beer in the world.
  At 65 per cent alcohol, it’s stronger than whisky or brandy and 16 times more potent than a standard pub lager. A bottle contains 22 units of alcohol — the equivalent of ten pints of Carlsberg---and costs a staggering 80 quid. 
   Armadeddon is brewed by Lewis Shand whose company Brewmeister, set in the Aberdeenshire countryside, had successfully created conventional beers but wanted to try something more adventurous.
 ‘We didn’t want just to break the record with the world's strongest beer but also to make something that’s got some character to it, something beautifully sweet and malty,’ says Shand. Yeah, right.
  He says it is not a beer that problem-drinkers will turn to. ‘We’ve designed it for people to consume like a fine brandy, in small amounts, not sitting in a park with a brown paper bag round the bottle. In any case, the price will put off problem-drinkers. These bottles are for sharing.’  While I couldn't find anywhere selling the world's strongest beer I did find what is probably the world's most expensive whisky---in Harrod's of course. There, a 40-year-old bottle of Glenlivet sells for 19,999 pounds. 
 Wonder if they do duty-frees. If so I think I'll buy a couple to take back to California. 

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  1. Like you would ever spend 80 quid on a bottle of beer!



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