Sunday, October 14, 2012


   Twenty years ago David Beckham was an insecure teenager struggling to cope with the pressure and demands of being a Manchester United player. 
    After attending a Bobby Charlton training school he signed schoolboy forms at Manchester United on his 14th birthday and two years later made his first team debut, coming on as a substitute in a League Cup match against Brighton.  
   But although he relished being part of United he found training life tough and wrote about it in letters to a mate named Lee, revealing he had just received his first pay packet for one hundred and twenty pounds. 
  He also told how he, Ryan Giggs and Lee Sharpe went to a nightclub and he and Sharpe "got pissed and pulled two birds." 
   The letters are displayed on the wall of The Old Coffee House pub in London's Soho, a popular spot for watching televised football matches.  
   Pictures: Theo Kingma

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  1. Thank the lord we don't have to read the drivel from every football star there has ever been. He should have stuck to that bird who no doubt would have been more pleasant, which isn't hard, than Victoria Beckham who always looks like she has just sucked a lemon in photos.