Monday, October 22, 2012


  They have been described as the first gay superstar group. One of the original members was discovered dancing in an American Indian head dress in a gay nightclub and several others answered a job advert reading: "Macho types wanted. Must have moustache."
  But---and don't laugh!---they insist they are NOT gay.
 In an interview in the documentary The Secret Disco Revolution, screened at the London Film Festival, Felipe Rose, the original American Indian, insists: "We are just a party band."
   And David Hodo, better known as the construction worker, says: "People always talk about the double entendres in our music but there was not one double entendre in anything we sang."
  So In The Navy, with its references to "Come on and join your fellow man" and  "signing up new seamen fast" really WAS about joining the Navy? And YMCA really WASN'T a celebration of sodomy in the showers?
  In that case the Village People have been sadly misunderstood for the past 35 years.

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