Sunday, November 18, 2012


Ann Reid with Daniel Craig in a scene from The Mother
  The 77-year-old actress who stripped off for Daniel Craig when she was 68 and starred with him in the movie The Mother says she wishes she had been "wilder" with the actor, who is 33 years her junior.
  The 2003 British drama was considered groundbreaking for its explicit scenes in which Reid, playing a lonely widow, began an affair with her daughter’s boyfriend.
  However, now the actress says: “I wish I’d been more adventurous, sexually wilder, in the film.I was worried I’d look a fool but, oh blimey, no. I don’t regret it. I got noticed.”
 The role was offered to a number of actresses before Reid, all of whom turned it down. One unnamed actress wrote to the director, Roger Michell: “I am insulted by this script and I am appalled that you have sent it to me even to read.”
  Reid, talking to Radio Times, admitted that initially she wondered if the scenes would "put people off their tea". But she said: "I’m glad I did it because it was daring and I like challenges.
“It brought me other parts, but I was never offered anything sexy. It happened to be a bit too late.” 
 The actress, who played Valerie Tatlock in Coronation Street and Jean in Dinnerladies, is returning to television in Last Tango In Halifax. The BBC One comedy co-stars Sir Derek Jacobi and the two play childhood sweethearts who rekindle their romance after 60 years apart.
  Reid said older people deserved to be represented on screen as something other than doddery pensioners.
“They used to think you were old when you reached 50. Now everyone is looking forward to being like Joan Collins and Jane Fonda. Soon there won’t be many grey-haired grannies,” she said.
“Actresses of my age constantly complain they’re put out to grass, but I don’t know. We can be sexy in later life. Meryl Streep and Helen Mirren are fighting back. The main thing is to have a positive attitude.”


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