Wednesday, November 28, 2012


River Phoenix in Dark Blood
  It's been 19 years since River Phoenix died of a heroin and cocaine overdose and only now has the film he was working on when he died been finished.
 When he died there were 11 days of filming left on Dark Blood and he was involved in every scene and nearly every shot. Location filming in Utah had finished and Phoenix had been back in Los Angeles for only one day when he visited the Viper Room, then part-owned by Johnny Depp, who happened to be on stage with his band when Phoenix overdosed outside on the sidewalk. 
  The film was filed away and was due to be destroyed when the Dutch director George Sluizer, whose previous films include both the Dutch and U.S version of The Vanishing, rescued it from the warehouse where it was kept. Almost two decades later, after recovering from a massive heart attack, he has completed it as best he can, rejecting the idea of hiring another actor and instead using extensive narration to bridge the gap between scenes.
  Phoenix plays Boy, a young widower who retreats to a nuclear testing range in Utah to await the end of the world. He becomes involved with a married couple, played by Judy Davis and Jonathan Pryce. 
  Dark Blood was recently screened to an audience at the Netherlands Film Festival in Utrecht where it was described as "a unique experience."

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