Monday, November 5, 2012


    Now that the Disney Co has bought the Star Wars empire for $4 billion, the scene is set for a massive pop culture invasion from the famous galaxy far far away.
     Disney is planning to cash in big time with new TV shows, theme parks and a merchandising blitz featuring Luke Skywalker, Hans Solo and the rest of the Star Wars stable of heroes.
   And, of course, there will be movies. And more movies. . 
    Scripts are already being prepared for three new Star Wars movies followed by new Star Wars films every two or three years.
    But not many observers and commentators have realised that Disney also owns the ESPN sports network. So it might not be long before we see Star Wars characters popping up during Monday Night Football and---horror of horrors!---during ESPN's Saturday morning telecasts of English Premier League games.  
     R2-D2 and C3P0 instead of Steve McManaman and Ian Darke? 
     If so,  I'm cancelling my subscription!

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  1. I have just personally heard from Mickey Mouse and he said you can expect to see English soccer players dressed up in Star Wars garb.