Thursday, December 27, 2012


Piers Morgan

   Seems that CNN talk show host Piers Morgan is no longer welcome either at home or abroad judging by rival petitions going the rounds. One is demanding his deportation back to his native Britain and the other, circulating in the U.K, is insisting that America keep him.
   The American petition calling for his deportation was created following his repeated calls for increased U.S gun controls in the wake of the Newtown shootings and has attracted 75,000 signatures so far. It  has been sent to the White House which has yet to respond. The U.K. "Keep Piers Morgan in the USA" petition, which states "No one in the U.K wants him back",  has yet to reach 1,000 signatures. 
  Knowing Piers---and I have known him since he became editor of the Daily Mirror some years ago---he is likely to be highly amused by the furore he has created. Indeed, on Christmas Day he tweeted: "Merry Christmas! Even to those who want me deported." 

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