Sunday, January 6, 2013


  He said he'd be back.....and he is. 
  But Arnold Schwarzenegger admits that while he was away from the screen for seven years governing California he had his doubts as to whether he would ever make back into movies. 
 "The fear in me was that there would be a new breed of action heroes coming up while I was away. Well, that didn't happen," he told me when we chatted at the Four Seasons Hotel. "So when I did my cameo on The Expendables which only took me four hours to film and the audience applauded when I came on the screen I knew I'd be accepted and when I finished being governor I could go back into the movie business."
Pictures: Theo Kingma
   On his next movie, Expendables 2, he worked for four days and again got an audience ovation. 
   So now he is back in his first starring role for ten years in The Last Stand, as a sheriff who has to stop a wanted drug kingpin and his band of mercenaries making it to the Mexican border. 
   "I felt I was ready for it after having worked for a few days on the Expendables movies, shot the guns, done the action, thrown myself on the ground, been in a harness, been pulled up and done all that stuff.....I was ready to be the lead in this movie."   

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  1. OH NO, it was much more interesting reading about him banging the maid....