Saturday, January 26, 2013


  Dropped in on a Colbie Caillat press conference and listened to a brief performance she gave of We Both Know, a song she and Gavin DeGraw wrote and recorded for the soundtrack of the movie  Safe Haven.
   Even if the movie, based on a Nicholas Sparks novel, is sappy and sentimental, the song is well worth a listen, as is nearly everything Colbie Caillat does. 
   Colbie, 27, grew up just outside Ventura, a town where a lot of the bars and clubs are familiar to me, so we chatted about her early days as a singer-songwriter there.
   "I played accoustic guitar in Zooeys and some of the bars when I was 20, but I was always very nervous," she told me. "Then I was signed to a recording contract and things took off."
    They certainly did.  She won a Grammy for her duet with Jason Mraz on Lucky, her Bubbly stormed to the top of the charts and she has written songs for several Hollywood movies including Baby Mama and Letters to Juliet.
   Her summer tour with Gavin DeGraw was a huge success and whatever she does next it's a safe bet we won't be seeing her around any Ventura bars again.   

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