Monday, January 14, 2013


Ben Affleck...winner
The Hollywood Foreign Press Association raised the bar in its rivalry with the Oscars by springing several surprises, notably an appearance by Bill Clinton, at its Golden Globe awards ceremony last night.
     The former U.S. President came on stage to a standing ovation to introduce a clip for the movie Lincoln.
     His appearance was the result of his friendship with Lincoln director Steven Spielberg who persuaded him to make the trip to Los Angeles. But it did not bring in an award for best picture for Lincoln, even though the movie was the favourite in most critics' lists. Instead the Golden Globe for the best dramatic picture went to Argo.
  Another surprise was the appearance of Tony Mendez, the real-life CIA agent who was portrayed by Ben Affleck in Argo, the true story of how Mendez rescued six U.S. hostages who were hiding in the Canadian ambassador's house in Teheran after Iranian insurgents had stormed the U.S Embassy there.
   But perhaps the biggest surprise---and the sharpest jab to the Oscars---was the best director Golden Globe award to Ben Affleck, who was not even nominated by Oscar voters.   

   The Oscars, hosted this year by Seth McFarlane, will have to go a long way to top the Globes. 


  1. Sounds like this year's Golden Globes have been yet another great success. Hope you've had a brilliant time these last few days at the parties and at the awards - thanks for the updates John!

  2. Biased much??? :p