Wednesday, January 2, 2013


Hollywood insiders are having a good New Year laugh at the plight of Kristen Stewart. 
   Apparently the sullen Twilight star was greatly looking forward to working with Ben Affleck in their upcoming con-man comedy movie Focus. He was due to play her love interest and the script called for some passionate kissing and plenty of hot and heavy bed scenes. But Ben suddenly dumped her and pulled out, blaming prior commitments, leaving  Stewart co-starless and even sulkier than usual.  
  One of the producers then told her that Brad would be Ben's replacement. So Kristen became excited once more, thinking she would be doing her love scenes with Brad Pitt.  
  Then she meets Brad and it turns out that he's Brad Womack, formerly of The Bachelor TV series.
 Stewart is reportedly begging her agent to get her out of the project as quickly as possible. 

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