Wednesday, January 9, 2013


  What does Kate Winslet's new husband have to hide?
   Ned RocknRoll (he changed his name from Ned Smith) has won his high court bid to prevent the Sun newspaper from publishing "embarrassing" pictures of him partly naked at a fancy dress party.
Lawyers for Rocknroll argued that his privacy would be grossly invaded if the pictures of him taken at a private family party in July 2010 were printed.
David Sherborne, the lawyer for Rocknroll, said Winslet's children would be taunted and bullied if the Sun was allowed to publish the pictures.
Rocknroll, who is the nephew of Sir Richard Branson, married Kate Winslet in a low key ceremony in New York last month.
  Sherborne said that Rocknroll was "horrified" at the prospect of the pictures being published because they would cause  "considerable embarrassment and humiliation" for Winslet and her children..
He argued that there was no public interest in allowing the pictures to be printed and that Rocknroll was a "relative nobody" with no public standing in life.
The Sun's publisher had asked the court to overturn the injunction, arguing that the pictures, which it discovered on a Facebook profile, were already publicly available and that Rocknroll had "propelled himself into the public eye" with his marriage to Winslet.


  1. Of course it is in the public's interest to analyze and postulate over what Kate finds so interesting about her husband's genitals! DUH

  2. Why cant we see them in the Sun? They were on Facebook.