Friday, March 1, 2013


  Beer drinkers have filed a $5million lawsuit accusing Anheuser-Busch of watering down its beer.
   Lawsuits filed in Pennsylvania, California and other states and involving 10 Anheuser-Busch beers, including Budweiser and Michelob, are based on information from former employees.
Budweiser and Bud light bottles  The complaint claims that "Anheuser-Busch employs some of most sophisticated process control technology in the world to precisely monitor the alcohol content at the final stages of production, and then adds additional water to produce beers with significantly lower alcohol contents than is represented on the labels".
 Anheuser-Busch InBev have called the claims "completely false", and said in a statement "our beers are in full compliance with labelling laws".
 The lawsuit alleged that the practice began after the American Anheuser-Busch merged with the Belgian-Brazilian InBev in 2008, to form the world's largest alcohol producer.
"Following the merger, Anheuser-Busch vigorously accelerated the deceptive practices, sacrificing the quality products once produced by Anheuser-Busch in order to reduce costs," the lawsuit said.
 Peter Kraemer, vice president of brewing and supply at Anheuser-Busch said in a statement, "We proudly adhere to the highest standards in brewing our beer."

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