Monday, March 4, 2013


The amiable David Duchovny, who found fame as paranormal investigator Fox Mulder in The X-Files, has the dubious distinction of starring in what will probably go down in history as the biggest film flop ever.
  Phantom, the just-released movie about a Soviet submarine, pulled in a jaw-dropping $460,000 on its opening weekend nationwide in more than 1,000 cinemas, compared to the $28 million grossed by the poorly-reviewed fantasy-adventure Jack the Giant Slayer. 
  Ironically, when we talked recently Duchovny told me he had his doubts about taking the role in Phantom when he was offered it by the director Todd Robinson.
  "The first thing I asked after I read the script was, 'Why do you want me to do it?'" he recalled. Now he's probably wondering why he said 'Yes.'
  He has higher expectations for a third X-Files movie which he hopes will soon be in the pipeline. "It's been a long time since the last one and things move so quickly that it's almost ancient history," he said."But it's a great show and I think if new people were exposed to it, they'd get it.
  "And who knew vampires would be so big?"

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