Tuesday, March 5, 2013


Picture: Theo Kingma
 There's weird, there's weirder and then there's Jim Carrey, who turned up at Elton John's post-Oscar party wearing giant prosthetic feet and tiny angel wings as part of what he told me was his "awkward spiritual journey.”

  He said: “It was my reaction to public events because, believe it or not, I’m a shy person and I find gala type events to be a bit like being hit over and over with bags of oranges. It’s an intense energy I’m not comfortable with so I try and make it into something artistic that I can feel good about. I feel a lot of the time like I’ve got tiny little wings and giant feet and I want to get off the Earth into a spiritual place but I’m grounded all the time by my own flaws.”

   It was his quest for spiritual enlightenment that took him on an incredible "vision quest" in Arizona with the Lakota Indian tribe. Talking in Las Vegas where he is promoting his latest movie, The Incredible Burt Wonderstone, he tells the story in all seriousness and it is clear he is totally sincere in his beliefs. 

  “I didn’t plan on it,” he says. “I just went to a spa and I met a guy who was connected to the tribe and he told me about sweat lodges and this vision quest which they don’t generally let outsiders on.
   “But I went and sat with the chief and talked to him for a long time and he knew my heart was in the right place so he decided that I could do it.

  “I fasted for four days, I spent time in a sweat lodge and then they came in the middle of the night with a pick-up truck and blindfolded me and drove me to the top of this sacred mountain plateau where they’d had these ceremonies and vision quests for a thousand years.

  “They left me in a little seven feet circle with a blanket and a tiny knife to fight off cougars, mountain lions, rattlesnakes, scorpions and whatever else was there. It was so hot it felt like 150 degrees and I thought I was dying at one po9int. I had 12 ounces of water to last me 24 hours and I watched the mountain all day, wondering what they meant by the visions. What happens is the shadows change and they talk to you and when you ask questions you get answers and that was happening all day.

   “Then at night I got tired of standing and I lay down on this little Indian blanket and I was really frightened. The coyotes were howling and things were moving around and the place was full of rattlesnakes and I actually spoke out loud and said, ‘God I’m scared, be with me.’ And at that point the mountain range that was above me became a perfect shape of a man laying on his back beside me. All the fear left my body and I lay there thinking, ‘This is rally happening. I’m actually seeing God and I can’t believe it. I’m so lucky.’ 

  "And I wasn’t scared anymore and then later the moon came up and changed the shadows and the face turned and was smiling at me and I was just in complete bliss. I can’t even describe it. I was as light as a feather.  
“The next day when the chief came to get me I asked him if he had seen the man lying on his back and he said he had never seen it.”

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