Friday, March 15, 2013


Met up with Welsh actor Matthew Rhys in New York the other day to talk to him about his new TV series The Americans, in which he plays a Russian spy, and discovered we had unexpected common ground to talk about.   
 The Cardiff-born Matt, 38, who currently lives in New York where The Americans is filmed, gets back to  California whenever he can because he keeps horses on a ranch in Calabasas and hangs out at the King's Head pub in Santa Monica with fellow Welshmen to watch the rugby games on TV. 
  Although football, not rugby, along with the beer and the social life, is what draws me to the King's Head, we discovered we have plenty of pub acquaintances in common and our interview rapidly evolved along the lines of "do you know so-and-so?"
   Next time Matt is back in Santa Monica we have a Saturday morning appointment to meet up at the King's Head.

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