Sunday, March 17, 2013


                                                                                                                         Picture: Theo Kingma
  Talking with the lovely Rosario Dawson I was delighted to discover she's an English football fan. But then comes the disappointment----she tells me she supports Arsenal!! 
  "I'm a Gunner first and foremost," she says. 
   How and why could a beautiful, seemingly sensible girl from New York support Arsenal, particularly as until recently she was dating Danny Boyle, the director of her latest movie Trance, who is a passionate Man U fan?
    "I adore Arsene Wenger and I hope he will stay on," she tells me. "I like the philosophy behind the team and the people they choose to be a part of it. He likes finding young players and training them. 
  "I didn't grow up watching sports but anyone can sit and watch a great soccer match."
  I later asked her ex-boyfriend Danny Boyle about her love for Arsenal. "I don't think she knows much about it," he said with a grin and a shrug.
   We talked about their film, too, which is worth a mention because it's a good, twisty, London-set thriller in which 33-year-old Rosario plays a hypnotist helping amnesiac art thief James McAvoy recover his memory and remember where he has hidden the painting he has stolen. 
   "It's a very complex story," says Rosario. "I hope we've done our job well enough that people will watch it, be surprised by the ending and maybe want to check it out again and see how it all fits together."


  1. Mr Hiscock, a sequel to trainspotting would be fascinating, thanks for the heads up.
    By the way, have you any tips in getting a novel/film script in front of a receptive audience?!

  2. John, thanks for taking the time to respond, I tried e mailing back, but was blocked by your effective firewall.
    I was wanting to send an overview of my first novel, synopisis, market overview etc.
    I will try the three you suggested, thanks for your time.