Wednesday, April 17, 2013


A police officer stands guard outside Cancun's house of death
While tourists are staying away from Acapulco, Puerto Vallarta and other major Mexican tourist resorts because of a plague of drug cartel killings, Cancun has remained a peaceful holiday sunspot.
   Until now, that is. 
   I came here  to do a few interviews, kick back in the sun and enjoy the beach bars only to discover that the night before I arrived the bodies of seven people had been found on the patio of a house in the city's suburbs. Six had been strangled and one had been beheaded.   
Enjoying the Cancun sun and sea

  It is the second time in two months that Cancun---which generates more than one-third of Mexico's tourism income---has been the site of a mass killing. Last month seven people were killed and four others wounded in a shooting at a bar used by local by taxi drivers.
  City officials,hotel staff and tourists alike are worried about the brutal and seemingly random violence although a somewhat deluded woman I spoke to in a bar last night assured me the drug cartels were protecting the tourists. 
  That's not what global intelligence company Stratfor believes, saying that the woman's belief that the cartels care about tourists is a misconception. 
 "Nothing in the behavior of Mexican cartels indicates that they would consciously keep tourists out of the line of fire or away from the gruesome displays of their murder victims," the company notes.  
"Violence related to the cartels is spreading, and while tourists may not be directly targeted, they can be caught in the crossfire or otherwise find themselves in situations where their security is compromised."
 So far my stretch of beach has remained sunny and peaceful and I hope it stays that way.

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