Sunday, April 21, 2013


  I was talking with Matt Damon the day after the second suspect in the Boston marathon bombing was arrested and the actor was still shocked and confused about the carnage the bombs had brought to his hometown.
Photo: Theo Kingma
   "It's really, really horrible and upsetting," he said. "These kids who allegedly were the bombers went to my high school and I only found out when I had the TV news on and I heard the voice of my history teacher saying he knew the younger brother and didn't understand what had happened.
  "Marathon Monday is a really big deal in Boston. Kids don't have to go to school, it's a big community event and these guys who were part of the community put bombs in the middle of the celebration.  It's unbelievably disturbing."
  The 42-year-old actor, who was born and brought up in the Boston suburb of Cambridge, said he had been talking the night before with his fellow Bostonian Mark Wahlberg. "He had a quote which sums it up: He said 'It's just fucking disgusting.' And if you're from Boston that's the only way to describe it."

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