Thursday, April 4, 2013


  Because this year marks the 100th anniversary of the birth of Oscar-winning actor Burt Lancaster we can expect a slew of fulsome tributes to his acting talents and his always superb physique. UCLA has already started a Lancaster centennial retrospective at the Hammer Museum which runs until the end of June.   
   But it is unlikely we will hear much about his humanity and decency because according to those who knew  him he was an intimidating and bullying cross-dresser who liked to play cruel tricks. 
   According to Kate Buford's biography Burt Lancaster---A Life, the star of movies such as The Crimson Pirate, Elmer Gantry, From Here to Eternity and The Sweet Smell of Success loved to go to bars dressed like a woman and hit on men, taking them home and then revealing his manhood. 
  According to a close friend he also liked to go to Rock Hudson's notorious gay orgies with U.S Marines, show off his toned physique to gay admirers and get a kick out of not letting them have him. 
   When asked point blank if he had participated in Hudson's gay orgies, Lancaster denied it, telling a pal: "I go to the opera too, but I don't sing."
  Three-times married, Lancaster died in his Century City apartment in 1994 aged 80 after several heart attacks.


  1. Dennis Hopper so popular and yet Playful Burt maligned? And where was the bullying example? He just had a robust sense of humor if you ask me. I like his opera comment though...funnnny.

    1. There is a very famous story of shooting a scene in the film "Gunfight at the OK Corral", Lancaster hid Kurt Douglas's lifts and took the cruel pleasure of watching the panicked Douglas running around the set unable to find them. Lancaster was also noted for being a mean drunk who tried to intimidate people smaller than himself.

  2. I heard nice anecdotes showing he was respectful of small crew people he met, whereas Kirk Douglas played the big star. I know he was a decent human being, since he took risks defending homosexuals in the 80s when aids appeared and even walked on Washington with Martin Luther King in 1963. Respect



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