Friday, May 17, 2013


 Well, who would have guessed it? It turns out Shirley MacLaine was quite a raver in her younger days. 
 During her 38-year open marriage to businessman Steve Parker, which ended in 1982, the actress was rarely without a lover, she told the Daily Telegraph.
with Dean Martin in 1969
  She slept with many of her leading men, including Robert Mitchum and Yves Montand. And there were romances with world leaders like Canadian Premier Pierre Trudeau and Swedish Prime Minister Olof Palme. "I was never possessive with my husband nor him with me," said MacLaine, 79. "That's why I had so many affairs. Most of the men I was with wanted to get married. I was married already and stayed that way precisely so it wouldn’t become an issue.”  She had a huge crush on Dean Martin and went to his house to tell him, but ended up having a drink with him and his wife.
  She claims to never have had her heart broken but her bed-hopping did result in other injuries. In her 50s she had a facelift and ruptured her stitches during an especially intense orgasm. "He was a composer, he was bisexual and I knew it and he didn't love me at all." She grinned widely at the memory.
  MacLaine also had a fling with actor Danny Kaye who was rumoured to be gay. "He wasn't," she said. "Or maybe a little. I don't know."
  Why was she so popular with bisexual men? "Well, they weren't gay with me," she said.

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  1. With a brother like Warren Beatty you'd expect her to have been around a bit



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