Tuesday, July 30, 2013


Rebecca Ferguson as the White Queen.
   Maybe because her time is up and she's leaving Los Angeles for another posting, the British Consul-General Dame Barbra Hay took the rare step of turning over her house and garden to Starz TV to throw a party for their new series The White Queen.
   Already shown in Britain, The White Queen is a ten part adaptation of Philippa Gregory's quartet of novels about the Wars of the Roses. The party's guest of honour, mingling with a herd of Starz executives, journalists and showbiz bigwigs, was the White Queen herself, Rebecca Ferguson.
   The 29-year-old Swedish actress, who has numerous sex scenes with Max Irons, who plays Edward 1V,  told me with devastating honesty: "Frankly it would have been boring without any sex scenes because we are telling a love story between two people and they happen to be two people in power, so it's good sex."
  Rebecca, whose mother is English, and who has a perfect English accent, was paying a quick visit to Los Angeles from Budapest, where she is filming Hercules in which she plays a princess. 

  At the party she met Danny Huston and former James Bond girl Olga Kurylenko, the stars of another  TV series, Magic City.
   It wouldn't have been a British party without a mention of the royal baby, and sure enough Dame Barbara proposed a toast to Prince George, saying, “I hope our young prince is not going to live through quite such tumultuous times as Philippa Gregory writes about in her books.”


  1. not the virgin queen then

    1. The Virgin Queen was another Queen, another era, with a different lover, the next century.

  2. What is a "perfect English accent"????
    That is a daft statement!

    not RAD