Monday, July 22, 2013


Cashing in: Bookies are taking bets on everything from the baby's birthday to its name and hair colour
Bookmakers were the big winners when Kate,the Duchess of Cambridge, gave birth to a bouncing baby boy.  Punters had laid hundreds of thousands of pounds on the baby being a girl who would be named Alexandra, Isobel or Isabella.

 Now that the Royal baby turns out to be a boy, bets are on him being named George. Second favourite name is James.

 Bookies took bets on everything from the baby's birthday to its name , weight and hair colour.

The announcement that the Duchess was in labour sent punters to the betting shops, and bookmaker Paddy Power said they took £390,000 in bets in the three hours after the news.

The bookies' nightmare would have been if the baby was a girl with brown hair, weighing between 7lb and 7lb. 15 ozs and named Alexandra.

  When bets on the gender were suspended, odds on it being a girl were at 8/15, and odds on a boy stood at 11/8.Spokesman Joe Crilly said: 'Royal baby betting has been incredibly popular and we were just hoping the young one was not a girl named Alexandra.'

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  1. Actually it's the parents who are the winners because they had a healthy baby.