Wednesday, October 16, 2013


  He's got to be joking! Charlie Hunnam has abruptly dropped out of starring as kinky billionaire Christian Grey in the erotic drama Fifty Shades of Grey because, he says, he doesn't have enough time to "adequately prepare for the role."
 Just how much "preparation" does he need? Maybe a wild weekend or two of S and M bondage and a bit of whipping practice, but not much else.
  As someone said, it's not like it is Matthew McConaughey starving himself for Dallas Buyers Club or Daniel Day-Lewis spending months developing Abraham Lincoln’s voice and mannerisms for Spielberg’s Lincoln.
   The word around Hollywood is that 33-year-old Newcastle-born Hunnam has a case of "performance anxiety" and didn't fancy the sex scenes with co-star Dakota Johnson who has been cast as Anastasia. Another reason is that he may simply have had a better offer.
  Either way, the loss of Hunnam poses a serious problem for one of Universal’s most high profile projects, based on the hit trilogy of novels, which had been expected to lead to a series of films.
  Now with filming due to begin on October 21, the producers are looking for another handsome hunk who actually wants the challenge of playing Grey. 

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