Thursday, October 10, 2013


  One of the funniest---and sexiest---ladies in Hollywood has to be Sophia Vargara. A regular on the TV series Modern Family, the curvy Colombian has a much more outrageous role in Machete Kills as a female assassin whose breasts fire bullets through a machine gun-like device strapped to them.
 "When I read the script I thought, bullets from my boobs? That's the last thing I need from them," she says. "But okay, I can do it, but the thing they strapped on was very heavy. For some reason people who haven't met me before think I am taller and bigger and wider but they don't realise that what makes me look big is my boobs and they are huge. The rest of my body is not that big because I have small bones. But the bra they gave me was like a tank so they had to send it to a welder to get it cut down."
  Sophia is refreshingly candid about the role her breasts have played in her career. 
  "From the beginning I knew I had something that I had to take advantage of and I've made a career out of them," she says. Then she pauses and adds with a laugh: "Of course, I know that I have more things to offer---I have a great ass too."

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