Monday, October 21, 2013


Kidman as Princess Grace
  Anyone anxiously awaiting the release of the movie Princess Grace of Monaco (anyone at all?) which stars Nicole Kidman as the former Grace Kelly, will have to wait a bit longer until a row between the temperamental French director Olivier Dahan and the hard headed American distributor Harvey Weinstein is resolved.

  The problem is that Dahan believes his film is a masterpiece and a work of art which he says Weistein has butchered and dumbed down to make more commercial.

  He claims Weinstein's company got hold of early, unedited copies of the film---dubbed Disgrace of Monaco by some---and cut out all the "artistic" scenes.

  "There are two versions of the film at present, mine and his, which I find catastrophic," wails the Frenchman. "He has removed anything that has to do with cinema, anything to do with life.

  "They made a trailer that did not correspond to the film and then tried to make the film resemble the trailer. It's absurd. It's a problem of misplaced egos, a story of manipulation and power."

   Harvey Weinstein, who is not known for his patience, has declined to answer Dahan's complaints but has merely announced he is delaying the release of the movie.

   The film, which also stars Tim Roth and Derek Jacobi, has already stirred controversy. Prince Albert, Prince Rainier's son with Kelly, issued a joint statement with Princess Caroline and Princess Stephanie denouncing it as "pointlessly glamourised and full of important historical inaccuracies."

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