Monday, December 9, 2013


Although they were on a tight schedule U2 had time to pose for a picture in front of panoramic views of the New York skyline.
  You never know who you're going to meet in New York! I left my hotel on 54th Street, where hordes of young girls were camped out all night hoping for a glimpse of One Direction who were also staying there, and took the subway downtown to the Mondrian Soho to meet Jennifer Lawrence.

When she arrived in the hotel's penthouse suite with her mum and dad the Oscar winner was flushed and flustered. "I've just seen U2 in the corridor," she said breathlessly. "Very exciting. I'm still sweating."
  While Jennifer was there to talk about her new movie American Hustle, Bono and U2 wanted to push the song Ordinary Love they have written for Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom, the movie which stars Idris Elba as the former South African leader.  
  "The movie's a complicated love story so we've written a complicated love song," he said.
  He said U2 had been "working for Mandela" every since they did their first anti-apartheid gig in Dublin in the 1970s.
  Jennifer, bubbly and funny as ever and referring to American Hustle, said: "What am I hustling in real life? I always feel I'm pulling the wool over your eyes. When a movie comes out and I get good reviews I always think, 'I've got away with another one.'"

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