Thursday, February 13, 2014


  No one will ever know whether the allegations of sexual assault Dylan Farrow made against Woody Allen are true.
  But what is known is that Allen has been subjected to a public lynching in many media articles, most of which omitted to point out that no charges were ever filed and a 1992 investigation found "no credible evidence of molestation."  
    I was shown the open letter Dylan wrote making the accusations some days before the New York Times opted to publish it in the form of a blog. To me there was nothing new in her allegations as she had previously made the accusations in the form of court documents and later to Vanity Fair magazine.
    But what has not been widely reported is that Dylan's brother Moses has dismissed his sister's claims, saying that their mother Mia Farrow poisoned their minds against him. "Of course Woody did not molest my sister," he said.
   Another factor which has been swept under the carpet is that the Farrow family is undisputedly dysfunctional and Mia's brother John Villers-Farrow is currently serving a ten year jail sentence on two charges of sexually molesting two young boys.
   The case rests.  And hopefully that is the last we will hear of these unsubstantiated allegations. 


  1. Public lynching? Hardly. He was recently rewarded by the HFPA. Woody Allen met Soon Yi when she was 10 years old. Whilst he was not her biological father, nor her step-father he served as the role of a father in her life. When she was 19 their affaire became public. Who knows how long he was wooing her before it came out? It is clear to anyone with any common sense that Woody Allen has a predilection for young girls. He was discovered engaging in “inappropriate behavior” with yet another non-related daughter Dylan when she was 7 years old, not by Mia Farrow the “apparently” bitter partner (rather a protective mother), but by a nanny. So you say one son exonerates him? Another, does not. Let’s think about this. Soon Yi was 19 and he was 56 when they came out with their relationship. Can anybody seriously look at him and avoid throwing up a little bit in their mouth? As for Mia's family being "dysfunctional". How many families aren't? What does her brother's problems have to do with Woody and his daughters? Pure conjecture.
    Woody nearly called “Annie Hall” “Anhedonia.” This word is defined as “a psychological condition characterized as inability to experience pleasure in normally pleasurable acts.” Like having a sexual relationship with someone who isn’t a child?
    I rest my case.

  2. And now he has two adopted daughters. How convenient.

  3. hes right. theres no evidence against him at all. Innocent until proved guilty.

    1. Read the Vanity Fair article:

      "10 Undeniable Facts About the Woody Allen Sexual-Abuse Allegation."

      And then tell me there is "no evidence."



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